Wake Up Dead Man is meant to serve as a harsh reminder of the fact that our days are numbered and someday we will surely die.  Keeping that most basic truth in the forefront of our minds has the potential to completely change the way we live our lives.   It is time to stop mindlessly sleepwalking through life, and start working to make the most of your time by living it with awareness and pure attention to the things that matter to you.  To achieve our goal of life mastery, we will seek financial independence, healthful living, self-reliance, and the critical exploration and analysis of many of the aspects of life that are generally taken for granted.

(Edit 1)-  The first About page I wrote came off a bit stuffy, as you can read above.  However, it did capture the basic essence and guiding principle of this blog.  We’re freaking dying!  It’s OK though, don’t sweat it, there is nothing you can do about it, but live so much in what time you have left that the Grim Reaper spontaneously breaks into a slow clap before he reluctantly carries your ass off.  This may come off as a “throw caution to the wind” and live for instant gratification kind of mindset, but you couldn’t be more wrong.  No, we want real, lasting joy over here, so we’re going to work this shit out together and find out what it means to live a good life.  So far, I think that living according to your values is most definitely a cornerstone of a good life…the tricky thing is though, most people haven’t clearly defined their values.  We’re going to work on that.  If you want to tag along on the journey then please…

Join us!

I recommend you start at the first post Dead Man Waking, which will give you an even better introduction to me, your tour guide, and will also include the disclaimer about my lack of interest in avoiding run-on sentences and other grammatical mistakes…this is meant to be a conversation, not a textbook.

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